The following are the proposed work-up test for NIDS that Dr. Goldberg recommends that you have done. These can either be done by Dr. Goldberg’s office or by your own pediatrician.

The Most Important Test:
Sedimentation Rate
CMV IGG / IGM (if IGG Positive)
ANA Titer
EBV IGG / IGM (if IGG Positive)
Hypothyroid Panel
Ferritin Level

Optional / Userful

Thyroid Antibodies
Herpes I & II IGG / IGM
Rubella IGG Titer
Coxsakie Virus A & B

Immune Panel (to include)
Total & Percent CD4
Total & Percent CD8
Total & Percent CD16 / CD56
Total & Percent CD19
Lead Level
Vitamin B-12 Level
Folic Acid
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
Lipid Panel
Candida Titer (IGG, IGA, IGM (Immunodiagnostic Labs (800-888-1113)
HHV6 Titer (Immunodistic Labs)
Quantatative Immunoglobulins (IGG, IGA, IGM, IGE)
Gliadin Antibodies
Alpha Interferon
Allergy Food Screen (95 foods) (Meridian Valley Lab (253-859-8700)





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