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Now, making my life a little easier, Dr. Muntz, who is a very respected radiologist at the University of Alabama, and by the way does have a good spect machine but to my knowledge cannot do the Xenon scans there. Dr. Muntz published in 1995 an article in a reputable journal that spoke about showing in 6 autistic children – now remember we have 100+ scans, in fact I’m hearing that the number is about 120 right now –low bloodflow in the temporal/parietal lobes. He showed that there were no differences in the bloodflows in normals and other controls he was able to obtain. And he made the statement that abnormal temporal lobe function, possibly, plays a role in the pathogenesis of autism since normal functioning of the amygdala and hippocampus is crucial to the regulation, integration, of affect, memory and learning. I would say to you that in a very positive way we have basically replicated his study over and over and over again and confirmed that.

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