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We started an anti-viral. In this case because of the low Natural Killer cells, I turned to the anti-viral a little more quickly. She went through a 10 day period of a negative. It was kind of like you were kicking up a background virus. The kid was irritable, cranky, and somewhat more obnoxious. But then she came out of that doing better.

So here we are in early 1996. We’re adjusting her SSRI. She actually did not at first tolerate going up to of a cc. on the Prozac. I had to back down to a cc. But, a few months later, not only had she toilet trained, but also I was able to move her Prozac up to 1 cc. and she kept doing better. This shows a little bit how the whole brain is evolving. I could have said that Prozac wasn’t going to be right for this child. But, this is where the feedback from all of you is important. You have to sort out each step with your child. You have to figure out what’s right and wrong. Clinically, this is still the hard part.

We changed her to Amphoteracin. She seemed more with it. In August of 1996 she started in a regular kindergarten.

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