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We kept going along as you can see all the way through to 1998 here. At this point she is a very bright child. I believe she is in second grade and doing very well. But, if you look at this it isn’t like child was fixed in 1996. 1997 wasn’t her best point. She is still evolving.

That’s what I’ve come to respect about your children. If you get the brain working, then the therapists are going to have a better chance to help your children evolve. It isn’t like they’re born with a 5 or 10 year-old brain, and you push a button and then everything is fixed. I think some people in autism think that if you could find that magic bullet, the magic point, then everything would be OK. Nature does not seem to work that way. But, if you can help that brain turn on and work, then that child, with the right help, with the right therapy has a chance to evolve.

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