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You want to go low sugar. Even though in medicine we still fight about the role of sugar in hyperactivity, most of you know very quickly the difference when your child is on sugar. With many of these children, because of the sensitivity, you have to be suspicious of sugar. Sugar also means fructose, corn syrup, and maple syrup. I have had parents come in stating they weren’t giving their child "processed" sugar, but they would put maple syrup on pancakes in the morning and think they weren’t giving sugar. Or they were giving them loads of oranges or other fruits. Well, sugar is sugar. Once in the body, it become glucose, no matter what form it starts out as.

You do want to get into good nutritional value, but, unlike how most of us grew up, you do not necessarily want the whole grain, whole wheat products that we were told were healthy for us. One of the peculiar things about this, and some of you have heard me say this before, is that at conferences I’ve asked researchers why all of this is going on. Beside the idea of looking at the ozone layer and various viruses, what you are probably looking at is the fact that we’ve changed our diet in such a way that we tell ourselves that we should eat healthy things. Well, if you have an irritable system, if you have a more sensitive system – a baby when it’s born is the classic example. If I give a baby milk, if I give them a whole wheat product, I will send them "colicky" and off the wall. Many of these kids and many of you as adults with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome are that same way.

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