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The key in treating your children is you need to go one step at a time. When I showed you those cases I presented, if I had changed more than one variable at a time then I could never have begun to sort out what was a child, what was a medicine, what might be a food they were eating, what about an illness.

At this point in time, many years into this, it is much, much easier to work with you guys; to see a child, to do an evaluation because I’ve gotten use to a whole bunch of variables. But on the other hand, if I can’t change one variable at a time, I can’t even figure out what’s changing. So this is critical. You guys can’t say, ‘Well, all these things are good, so let’s throw them into the kid all at one time’. You will never know what you’re doing. So, the key is each child is their own control. You have to judge if an agent is helping your child. You have to allow enough time to evaluate that agent. And, I will hold by the statement that you should never use an agent that has long-term medical negatives unless there is no other choice.

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