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Recognized etiological agents: I certainly cannot stand up here and tell you we can say exactly what virus is in each of your children. I’m not at this point even sure that it’s going to be the same virus. If their immune system is off, they are susceptible to certain viruses that we might normally control. It remains open whether we’re going to have a virus as a cause; the immune system as a cause. Thankfully, in the literature there are plenty of reports that show herpes and other viral infections creating autism in a previously healthy child. Identifiable signs and symptoms:. Well, autism 299 is basically composed of signs and symptoms. What we need to begin to focus this conversation is that we need to establish immune markers and other markers that give us objective criteria on your children. Consistent anatomical alterations: The NeuroSPECT has been consistent over and over and over and over. Your children have a disease, not a developmental disorder.

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