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This is another NeuroSPECT scan. This is a 6-year-old girl with Autism/PDD. I want to point out that this is an extremely important part of what I’m going to try to present tonight. We don’t have two scans like this, five scans like this, six scans like this -–we have over 100+ scans that show the same thing on your children over and over. This is a very critical part of what I want to try to present tonight.

What I’ve learned is that the whole field of neurology, neuroimmunology, neurobiology is going to change in the next 10 or 15 years because for the first time we have tools that are letting us understand the brain. So, in a polite way, you all have to realize that everything you’re told about autism, everything you read, everything in the textbooks is based on assumptions, on possibilities, on ideas, but no hard data. We are looking at hard data and finally, I think, have a way to explain it that begins to make a lot of sense.

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