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I would like to present some cases tonight because they also help to illustrate what many of you go through. This is a 6 year old little girl who came to me with the typical history of normal early development. She actually developed words at nine months. It is now literally 110% safe to say that if a child starts off normally, does not present with any neurologic disorder that a pediatric neurologist would say, ‘This is abnormal, something is wrong with your child’, and develops any language, the only possible mechanism to do that to your child’s brain is immune or viral. Even if they don’t develop language, but have gone along normally to 12 or 15 months of age, it is likely an immune /viral process, with strong debate whether any other mechanism could create this.

In this case, this girl’s development shut down at two years of age. She also had the typical history of being chronically ill for many years. She regressed in 1994, and wound up with the typical diagnosis of autistic disorder, the famous ICD-9 2.99.

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