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The parents of this child were told she was autistic, so what about her ANA? When I met her, we repeated her value and her ANA was still elevated, but the rest of her blood work was not particularly exciting. What is interesting, and this shows some of the fallacies of allergy testing, her allergy testing was not particularly elevated for dairy or chocolate. But as I do with most children, I took her off milk, dairy, chocolate, whole wheat. To this day, her parents will acknowledge that if she cheats, goes out and has a pizza or something with dairy, this child will go off the wall. So the truth is, and this is one of the problems, we do not have perfect testing for food allergies.

I started her on an antifungal, Nizoral. The parents already had her on a low dose of DMG. Actually, it wasn’t a low dose, so I asked them if they could cut the dose down, but they could keep it going. She began to talk a little more. Within a short time I put her on an SSRI. She began to pick up on her speech and was interacting better.

I would like you all to make note of the years here. This goes back to August/September 1995.

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