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When she came to me, and this is typical of about half a dozen children in the practice, she actually didn’t have any other markers I was looking at as far as showing that her immune system was activated, some of the things I would look for normally as a virus. But she had one very important one. Her ANA was 1:640 before I even met her. Somehow this was tested, and nobody did a thing.

The truth is, going through UCLA, and I’ll date myself, to medical school there, I would have thought by the time I graduated that "autoimmune disorders" were things that happened commonly in adults. These were the early days at UCLA of collagen vascular disease, rheumatoid diseases and lupus. The characteristic was that these patients did not often have a physical diagnosis; they didn’t have a set disease. However, medicine said this was abnormal to have an elevated ANA, and these adults were treated as having a disorder, as a disease. Why we can’t give the children the same benefit of the doubt is beyond me.

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