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By August, her auditory processing was up; her social skills were up. She was not sick anymore. The parents were obviously very happy. In December 1996, their statement to me was that she was doing excellent. She was on Amphoteracin and Prozac. In her case, she did well with a little bit of Echinacea. Many of these kids will get hyper or irritable on Echinacea, but in her case was doing OK. She still had behavioral issues.

I want to stress this point because this is something that has really become apparent over the years working with your children. Here is a girl, who even at that point, I would dare say to you many, many parents with an autistic child would have been thrilled to have this child functioning at the level she was. What I’m looking for is that cognitive functioning. But what really was also coming through, she was still acting out, giving trouble in class, giving trouble at home largely because she had never grown through the normal social stages of how do you raise a child from 2 years old, to 3 years old, to 4 years old. Whose in control? How is a child (that child) expected to behave, listen, comply, etc.

And so, it became obvious to the parents thankfully, and the teachers, that what they were looking at were behavioral situations. But this child, cognitively, was doing extremely well. She toilet trained.

Now, as much as I’ve done things a little differently over the years, I’ve also always had to ask myself why or explain something. And one of the things that I got used to very quickly on the faxes was a fax would come back that the child toilet trained. Why should they? Well you go to pediatric psychologists, pediatric neuroanatomists and other people with more expertise than me. There’s a very simple answer that applies to pediatrics. I’ve always been taught as a pediatrician that you don’t rush your child on toilet training. When they are ready, they will toilet train. This same thing is happening with these children as their brain, literally, turns back on, starts moving from that 15to 18 month-old to 2 year old to 2 and-a-half year old level, at some point the child toilet trains like any other child.

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