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We bounced her around a little bit on the antifungals with the idea that the Amphoteracin was probably not holding her. In 1997, again, she kept doing better day-by-day. I want to emphasize this because if you look at the trend, and this is the reason for putting this up there, she reached a point where she was doing very well by many, many criteria. But what I have come to appreciate, to respect about all of your children, is that it takes years for the brain to evolve. I’ll present some research later on from Yale that explains some of this. I’ll try to present data so that this becomes something that we can all understand. But what has become very striking at this point is the brain just does not go from birth to 5 or birth to 10. These children have to pick up and learn.

So here is this child. We’re making changes, adjusting things, and she keeps changing along the way. By June of 1997 the parents state she keeps acting more and more normal. We added an antiviral at the end of 1997. Not because she gave me any viral titers, but because by then it had become apparent that many of your children seem to be fighting a background herpes or retrovirus-type process. Whether it’s because their immune systems are stressed, weakened a little bit and they are more susceptible to these viruses lasting longer, it has become apparent that this is affecting many of your children. So I said, OK let’s go ahead and put her on some Zovirax and see what happens.

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