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So, at this point, whether you call this ADHD, quiet ADD, "autistic syndrome / spectrum," what we hope to do is turn this into a medical diagnosis for a large group of these children. The term we are going to try to use is called NIDS. It stands for Neuro-Immune Dysfunction Syndromes. Under that, we hopefully will be able to group the kids with Autistic/PDD symptoms, kids with ADHD symptoms, kids with chronic fatigue symptoms, but create a diagnosis that is appropriately a medical disorder.

This phenomenon is linked to an immune dysfunction basis. One of the things that has struck me as this has evolved over the years, is how many psychiatric diseases are we one day going to one day understand are really physiologic/organic. These children have always been thought of as developmental or behavioral. Again, whether you talk ADHD, you talk autism, you think about adults with depression, you think about children with OCD. Well, thankfully, the NIH now is talking about OCD as neuroimmune. What we’re going to find as our knowledge of the brain expands, is that a large number of disorders that we felt were psychiatric are actually going to have a physiologic basis to them.

The trouble is this. I became involved in this in 1982 when my wife became ill, as many of you know. I have watched this unfold for approximately 16 to 17 years now. I have screamed at how many adults are bedridden and not being helped; how many adults, their IQ’s and brains are not working. But what is at this point my bias as a pediatrician, if the adults have not been helped in 15 to 17 years, how long do your children have before we help them?

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