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This is an 18 year-old boy, who came to me actually in the early 1990’s. He presented with a history of basically being a school failure. This kid could not be kept in high school – borderline flunking out. I mean he got by with the typical C’s, D’s, and a few F’s along the way. The parents felt he was unmotivated, uninterested in learning. Basically, we’re writing him off as having no future. Because of what I had started working with, the mother came in. She hadn’t brought him in for checkups for a number of years. I heard this story ran some blood work on him. Sure enough, he gave me markers that lit up the sky on the immune system. I obtained a NeuroSPECT scan on him.

His NeuroSPECT scan is a very bad NeuroSPECT scan if you look at it compared to even the earlier ones I gave you. Dr. Mena read this as severe scalloping. Scalloping implies a thinning of the brain. Whether you shut down the bloodflow to a part of the brain long enough or whether there is truly a viral process at work, think about what’s going to happen. You’re eventually going start to lose brain cells. This explains a whole lot of Landau-Kleffner out there because as the brain cells are being lost, they become irritable. You get weird brainwaves. Some of these children go on to seizure disorders. For this child who had been basically told that he was lazy and unmotivated, his brain was never working for him.

This is his NeuroSPECT scan a year later. It is not normal. But in the course of a year he started putting himself through junior college. When his father became convinced this kid was really motivated, he helped put him through. He is now holding down an extremely responsible job and has completely changed his life when he found his brain could work for him.

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