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I want to present a boy who came to me here earlier this year. It represents a very critical story. This child was normal until 2 years of age. He received a diagnosis of autism in 1978 at about 3 years of age and, thankfully, recovered by about 8 years of age. Then in early 1993/1994 he started going through a group of symptoms again where he was having eye pain, photophobia, fatigue, difficulty swallowing, trouble with memory focus, dilated pupils. His MRI was normal. He received various labels of demylinating disorders, MS, encephalopathy, Aspergers.

But, the key here, and this has become a very frustrating part of all this, is if you ask a physician what can cause photophobia. Many of your children have eye/light sensitivity. Many of these adults with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome when they become ill develop a light sensitivity. I was taught in my medical training that photophobia was a classic symptom of viral infections of the brain. It turns out, and I’ve done some asking since then, that there are some eye diseases that can cause photophobia. Viruses in the brain can cause photophobia. Swelling of the brain can cause photophobia. But not much else that anybody can give me an answer on.

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