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The interesting thing was that his blood work was not particularly exciting, but it did give what has become one of the most important markers now on your children. What are called natural killer cells were 4.2%. Now ironically in the world of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, something like 38% to 40% of those adults have natural killer cells below 6%.

For the record, natural killer cells protect us against presumably cancerous cells, free radicals. Anything foreign to our body that doesn’t belong there, natural killer cells are supposed to get rid of. As I found out at the NIDS Board organization meeting, shark’s immune systems that we think of as so fantastic, are all natural killer cells. Healthy adults have more natural killer cells. So, these adults are considered abnormal, with natural killer cells below 6%. It is no question then to any pediatric immunologist that when I can say 38% to 40% of your children have natural killer cells below 6%, they’ll look at me and say they don’t know what’s causing it but they will certainly acknowledge that it is a disease process. As it turns out, this has actually become a very strong marker to me for the likelihood of a virus going on in the background.

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