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He also had a weekly positive HHV6, and positive candida titers. Again, I will come back to this, if you think of yeast in terms of the immune system, we can talk about it at medical conferences now. If you try to say that yeast is causing this or creating it, you will get thrown out of most medical conferences.

His food screen was very unique. When I say unique, this is something I’ve seen with many of your children, - a marked shift to the right. If you take a normal food test, in theory you should have some things that you don’t react to, some things you react to a little bit, and maybe a few that you react to a lot. When I first started sending blood from your children to this lab, they were sending me a cover letter, asking what I was sending them. Everything was in the mild/moderate/severe column. There was nothing left in the no reaction column. Now the important thing to realize is that it does not mean, as some physicians have tried to say, that a child is allergic to everything on that list. That’s not even logical. But it does say that your children have such a cranked up immune system that they are sensitive to many, many things that go into their bodies.

Now, let me throw something in here, and I don’t mean to embarrass anybody. One of the things my wife sometimes cannot understand is that you go through medical school learning that if there is a problem, you take care of the problem. If you’re in the middle of surgery, you’re taught that you don’t think about the emotions of the situation, you do your job as a physician. The truth is there’s a part of me that can be very cold, very objective that way, but it has to exist.

A visit ago, this boy’s sister came in. And he’s been doing, by the way, very well in the last 4 or 5 months. She said, ‘thank you for giving me back my brother’.

You guys, I can’t tell you how many parents tell me the first time a child says, "I love you’. The parents, today, of a child who had been told he was retarded; his IQ went from 22 last year to 78 this year, and the kid will keep on going. I’ve come to realize in a very hard way what it means to you guys as parents to expect to have a child with some future, and be told there is no future. Think about this mother. She lost her child twice.

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