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Now, how did I get up here? How have I been coming out here to New York? Well, when I graduated medical school, I did have an interest in attention deficit. But the truth is, I really pulled away from it because I didn’t like the idea that we basically didn’t know what was causing this in these children. We had no idea why they seemed to get better on a stimulant medications, Ritalin or Dexedrine. We were told, by the way, that while these children got better on Ritalin or Dexedrine, you would never give those medications to a teenager or an adult. Now there are teenagers and adults being put on Ritalin regularly.

At that time, autism was considered a psychiatric disorder. These children were untrainable. As I said, I was told that if I saw one in my entire lifetime of practice, it was one too many. But what’s very interesting about my training besides the autoimmune, immunology, allergy exposure, was at that time at UCLA there were stories about a crazy guy, Dr. Lovaas, doing these crazy things in the NPI with these crazy children. That was my first knowledge of autism.

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