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Now, over the years, there have been many abnormalities reported in the literature connecting the immune system to autism. There are changes in T cells, CD4 high, CD4 low, CD8 cells. The trouble is, most of these are very non-specific. I’ll talk to you later on about how you can use what is non-specific to help define your children. The trouble in the literature is everyone says ‘well, one report says it’s too high, one report says it’s too low’ and so they keep fighting about it. Except they do acknowledge something is going on.

The key, for your children, are two things. The NK cells being low – no immunologist can state this is normal. The other thing that has become a very strong marker on some of your children is the idea that B cells are elevated. B cells are the cells that create antibodies and are presumed to be a major component of our lymphocytes in fighting viruses.

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