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Now the NeuroSPECT scans, which I feel very, very fortunate to have been in Southern California as this evolved with Dr. Mena. The key is that there are areas in this country that have had Spect scanners, but they have had machines that basically could only do Technesium, and were not of a high enough resolution to give the kind of detail that I am showing you right now. Dr. Mena had one of only 4 machines in the country capable of doing both Xenon, which you need to quantitate the absolute bloodflow – it gives you the absolute measurement of bloodflow, vs. the Technesium portion that lets you look at the pictures of what the brain looks like and gives you comparison, but doesn’t give you the absolute number. Dr. Mena and others have told me that if we did not have the Xenon data we would not know some of the information we know.

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