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This is a 7 year-old boy with autism. Again, you see the same thing right through there. Those temporal lobes are shut down. This boy however, represents a very important situation. When I attended the California Autism Society’s meeting a year ago, I listened to one of the keynote speakers explain how maybe the reason some of your children were "idiot savants," very brilliant in a certain area, were because they had too many neurons in their temporal lobe and somehow, someway that was happening. OK, I’d like to show you the difference of assumptions vs. looking at reality. This child is an artistic genius. From the age of 18 months – 2 years old he could see something and draw it. He is absolutely amazing. Dr. Miller was able to show me that back here in part of his occipital lobe – you see these little white areas – they’re actually lit up and hot. He is over-processing in the part of his brain that does that visually. We’re not guessing that maybe the temporal lobe is doing something strange. It’s very obvious to people with the expertise like Dr. Miller why this kid has such artistic talent.

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