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Therefore, as this is unfolding, I would say to all of you the only approach that at this point counts for your children is to help them turn on their cognitive process. If a child’s brain in working, it can evolve, they can think, they can develop their brain. If the brain is not working, even though they may start off with a high potential, somewhere they’re going to lose that. So, I look at this as a combination of how can I cool down this immune system and help the brain open up. Therefore, I use, as many of you know, a combination of elimination diet, anti-fungal therapies, anti-virals and SSRI’s.

I want to stress tonight that to me the SSRI’s are not treating a symptomas a psychiatrist would say to you. I’ve heard many pediatric psychiatrists now start writing prescriptions for SSRI’s and say that they’re going to treat the child’s depression, or we’re going to treat the child’s OCD symptoms. I would not feel good as a pediatrician if I told you I was writing a prescription for an SSRI to treat a symptom. What you’re looking for, and I will explain this coming up, is the fact that if you can support this dysfunctional brain, if you can take this brain that is shut down and not working right and help it to function, you are actually going to help it to develop tracks that the child needs for the rest of their lives.

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