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Brain cells are actually well designed to make these connections. Imagine this group of immature cells up there in an immature brain – how do we create this thing we call the brain? Our brains are so far advanced over a computer, as much as I love computers and wouldn’t be standing up here without the help of technology; our brains still amaze me. What we do know is by these chemicals sending signals down the brain and by the brain being used, you create tracks.

Now one of those chemicals just happens to be serotonin. So I go back to the statement, helping the brain work if you can do it correctly, and I’ll redefine correctly by low dosages, not trying to control a child’s brain but just trying to help it. If you can do that I believe very strongly that you give your child a chance to have a healthier brain than if you don’t help those connections form and you do not help the brain work.

Evidence also supports the idea that both animal and human brains increase about fourfold in weight from infancy to adulthood. They do this by developing new connections, by maturing. So what we need to do is help your children’s brains mature now while there is still a chance.

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