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And sure enough, this child continued to do better. Self-stim behaviors improved, behavior began to improve. He was still somewhat impulsive, still somewhat hyper. His attendance at school kept getting better. Now, because I felt he was doing well – I mean trust me, there are many of you parents out there who would have taken this child in October of 1997 and said you would be happy with how he was doing. He was in a regular class, but with certain problems there. - It was very easy to tell the parents that he was still not at his best.

He was still ‘spacey’ at times; he was still ‘zoney’ at times. So we did a little more adjusting. I put him back on Zovirax. This time he started to improve on it. This goes along with the fact that if the body is totally stressed and totally off, you may sometimes not even see what you are accomplishing therapeutically. So, in this case I went back and the mother could tell that it was starting to help. He started waking up rested.

At times he seemed bored. And this is a very interesting point. Some of your kids will really misbehave in school. And what I’ve had the pleasure of seeing is that when they’re working cognitively, they’re bored. If we were being told the same thing over and over again, and we already knew it, what would we do? I had that same 6 year old who wrote to his parents, "Thank you. I feel better.", get in big trouble at school one day. His parents asked why, and he typed, "I’m bored. Give me something more to do". What does that say to you guys?

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