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Anyway, he kept having some ups and downs. I changed him to Valtrex. In March 1998, I started him on Kutapressin. Kutapressin, as some of you know, is what I term an ‘antique’ immune modulator. ‘Antique’ because it was licensed in the late 1940’s. It was licensed, interestingly enough – it was FDA approved – to treat cold sores and shingles. Those are herpes viruses. It was licensed to treat acne and chronic dermatological inflammations. Now this is not something I learned about in medical school. In the early to mid 1980’s a very respectable group of immunologists in Texas, as they began to work with all these adults with these new syndromes emerging, somehow or other decided to look at Kutapressin. And what they were able to show was that it really seemed to help many of these adults. Subsequently, as researchers became a little more interested in it, they verified that it has an anti-viral activity against every herpes virus it has been tested on. It also has this unknown immune modulating activity and nobody quite knows what it is. By April 1998 he continued to improve. His temper was better. He was a little hyper, but waking rested in the morning. He was having some ‘spectacular days’ and the mother said.

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