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  • Autism / PDD
  • General Information
  • Autism / PDD
    As we continue to find new ways to explain and give people a better understanding of autism and its causes, we will add articles and other sources of information. It is our main goal to try and help these children and parents deal with this terrible disease..
    Much research has been done on learning disabilities and attention  deficit disorder (formerly called hyperactivity) in children. Many theories have  been put forth and controversy abounds. Recently, these disorders are being  recognized in adults as well but less has been written about them.  Pharmacological treatments are popular, especially on central nervous system  stimulants such as Ritalin. However, more natural therapies are often  successful. These disorders are multi factorial, composed of several sub types of  problems.
    General Information

    Here  are some of the questions that we get everyday in our work at the office. We  hope that some of these can answer some of the questions you have when it comes  to your kids. If you don't see a question you want answered here, the please go  to the webboard and post it to Dr Goldberg. He will answer it for you.
    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome affect both children and adults. Go here to find out more information.

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