Plans are  underway with the launch of the N.I.D.S Medical Research Board to initiate the  concept of "Project 1999." This plan is being formulated to approve the logical  "sorting" of "Autistic" patients, to accelerate new access to existing as well  as new agents as early in 1999 as feasible. Due to the ongoing formulation of the  hypothesis, protocol, "business" plan, etc. We need help in keeping this going  to help our children and all support is welcome. Click on the links below for  more information.


Dr. Goldberg has posted the proposed work-up for NIDS. Click here for the tests that you should have done. Thank you.

A big thanks to all those who have helped with contributions to N.I.D.S. So far we are reaching $100,000! But we are still far from our goal. For those of you who wish to help, please e-mail for more information. And Thanks for your support.!

N.I.D.S. Articles and Reports:

NIDS Introduction and Background Statement.
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N.I.D.S. Business Plan Executive Summary Report

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The N.I.D.S. mailing list - Join the NIDS mailing list. Here you will be able to read about and exchange ideas with other parents who have similar problems and are trying to make a difference in these children’s lives.

NIDS.NET - The NIDS board has put together a web site. For more information on NIDS, please see their site at

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