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So, with the NeuroSPECT scan, we are looking at a quantifiable, reproducible tool that allows us define this phenomenon of Autism/PDD.

I will come back to that because the reason I stand here with some optimism and hope that we can change the future for your children and the medical system is that by applying what we have learned over the years we can provide a tool that can do something that nothing else can. We can give pharmaceutical companies, give trials a way of judging before and after in an objective manner in a world that up until now has been purely subjective. This tool, therefore, creates a way to open up the door to a medical approach to your children now. The observation of temporal lobe hypoperfusion in adults and children with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/CFIDS may define Autism as a disorder of impaired relations with the surrounding environment determined by the temporal lobe hypoperfusion

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